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  • Strafing the Ashes - Halsfang, Pestiferum - Split S/T (Vinyl, LP)

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    1. The result had been pressed on vinyl (12”, limited to copies, with insert) and compact disc ( copies, jewel case with eight page booklet), including the lyrics, limited photography and explicit cover artwork by K.F.R’s Maxime Taccardi (known from his visual assistance for e.g. Halsfang before, or acts like Drowning The Light, Yhdarl.
    2. So many people don’t and that’s hard on those you leave behind. Comment by Betty Burgess — August 20, @ am. Chuck & Laura, The same but different problem. I always tell people who are considering cremation to plan for the ashes. (Because you don’t want them to end up in a repo lot!).
    3. They normally don’t gently flow into the air. It is more like heavy sand. That being said, there is some dust or ash that can blow in the wind. So when scattering cremated remains, 0make sure to check the wind so they don’t blow back in people’s faces or onto a boat. You will also want to consider the legal requirements to scatter ashes.
    4. Wood ashes are an extremely fine and fast-acting source of calcium carbonate and other minerals. Apply every two to three years, using only 25 pounds of ashes for every 1, square feet of soil.
    5. Techniques for Scattering Ashes (Cremated Remains) There are several methods for scattering ashes. We discuss different ways of spreading ashes including scattering ashes at sea. Casting. Casting is a way of scattering where the remains are tossed into the wind. You will want to check the direction of the wind and cast the remains downwind.
    6. Jul 16,  · As cremation grows in popularity, Neptune Society is often asked about the legality of scattering a loved one’s ashes. Scattering has become an increasingly popular and meaningful way to remember a loved one and provides each family a unique way to celebrate their loved one in a place that was special to them during their life or perhaps offers a chance to visit a place their loved one.
    7. Oct 23,  · I use metal Corona buckets and I scoop the ashes into them. I leave them outside under the patio cover for at least a day to cool off. I nailed 1/4 inch hardware cloth to a wood frame that is the size of my wheelbarrow and I use that as a sieve. I put the sieve over the wheelbarrow and dump the ashes from the buckets onto it.
    8. Is it illegal to spread human ashes? While no US laws exist that prevent cremation ash scattering, there are rules at the state and local level you need to be aware of. For instance, scattering ashes in the ocean requires you to be 3 nautical miles from the shore and national parks may require a permit.

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